“True places are not found on maps.”  Herman Melville

This workshop is based on the premise that your story’s true heart, characters and places are not found in your story – they are found in you. We will work on developing setting and character, understanding narrative structure and exploring emotional presence. In pairs, individually and in a circle, you will learn to let go of words, recreate images, rejourney story scenes, explore physicality and sound, shift narrative point of view, story-map and – yes! – lift your story off the page.

This workshop is 99%  oral, experiential and interactive. In the 1% left, you will be invited to try pen-and-paper techniques to delve deeper into story. You will hear about the delicate craft of adapting material and approaching literary texts. You will be asked to consider what constitutes useful feedback and offered appreciative inquiring tips for growth.

As in The Art of Storytelling (I), you will work with folktales and fairytales.

Minimum number of participants: 6
Maximum number of participants: 12
Format: One-day workshop or a TBD number of 2.5 hour-sessions