About stories

A Dubious Blessing

“Spectacular! Marta draws one in to her stories like thirst draws one to drink. Absolutely mesmerizing. More entertaining than any movie could hope to be. It was a challenge not to fall hopelessly in love with her. Amazing!”

“A world of enchantment created with the words and gestures of a true storyteller. Beautiful and fascinating.”

 “Breathtaking! Two hours spellbound.”

 “Marta is an artist, an actress and a brilliant storyteller. A very unique and special experience!”

 “Mesmerizing. Enthralling. Riveting.”

“Completely out of the ordinary. Thank you for this special story. Like a fairy tale from my childhood.”

 “Passionate and poetic presence  … WOW … totally mesmerizing. Usually nothing hold my attention more than a few minutes, but Marta is truly amazing! So pleased that I attended!”

 “She weaves a world apart, beautiful and fascinating.”

“So pure, so evocative. Lucid and melodic. Personal and profound.”

“More real than the chair I was sitting on! I didn’t want it to end.”

Landscapes of Silence

“Fabulous! Powerful! Amazing! So wonderfully Marta!”

“Splendid. Marta’s voice is hers and hers alone.”

“Every mother and daughter should see this. Absolutely superb.”

“Mesmerizing. I couldn’t wait to hear what happened next. A stellar performance!”

“Amazing story told brilliantly. Words drop in beauty. Her expressiveness is unique. Excellent production!”

“Fantastic show! The expressive beauty of the story and the storyteller will remain a constant memory. Thank you!”

“Extremely powerful. Marta is a gifted teller with incredible presence and sense of humanity.”

“Spellbinding. Awesome. It was brave and straight and poetic. It moved me tremendously!”

“The real stuff.”

“Superb. Spare beautiful language, the personal delicately interwoven with the larger landscape. Powerful and moving, managing to express the things that defy expression.”

“Courageous and live-giving. A tremendously powerful performance.”

“Stunningly brave. It was as if the audience was collectively holding its breath.”

About the Workshops

Story As Language, for the Academy for Innovation in Medical Education

“Educational Autopsy: Here’s a summary of the feedback given immediately after Marta’s session today:

– overwhelmingly positive response to the session. Some direct comments were: “It was great”…. “Loved it”
– specific comments included that people appreciated the amount of thought that she obviously put into the session, and the clear structure that she had to her talk
– people found it very applicable to their educational endeavours, including abstract-writing, lecturing, giving presentations
– people appreciated that Marta included a lot of practical take-home points
– several people found the exercise with personal anecdotes to be a particularly strong point of the session, pointing out that in the medical profession, sharing personal anecdotes is often discouraged, and that we often do not do it well, or do not know when would be an appropriate time/setting to tell one. People found Marta’s session to help with respect to those points.
– some people were concerned prior to the session about the interactive portion, but were quite relieved that Marta made the setting quite comfortable, e.g., by making the story-setting and interaction “consensual”
– the overall message from people was that there was not enough time allotted, and that Marta should be invited back for a second session!

Restorying Grief, for Bereaved Families of Ontario

Dear Queen of the Abouts,
I LOVED the workshop last night, each moment, even as my heart broke as I listened.  Thank you so much for all of the care you put into its creation and unfoldings.  Is your first language poetry?

The Master Archer, for Ottawa Chamber of Voluntary Organizations

I was a little skeptical before arriving, but this surpassed my expectations.

She makes it so easy to share openly what you would never normally share. Pay her more!

The material was surely fine but you were the best material for me.

I would like to see the entire series of workshops given. Our clients, our funders, our members of the Board of Directors LOVE stories as a tool for communication, education,  awareness, evaluation, validation … We need you!

The genuine love of the craft, the uplifting/affirming/encouraging feedback, the incremental modules of the assignments – everything was GREAT!